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Mallos Training Grant


Created in honour of Tessa and Chrysanthy Mallos, whose generous bequest to ABFNSW has made this opportunity possible, this grant is offered to aspiring artists and arts workers from underrepresented groups, seeking a career in the arts industry.

The grant is open to NSW residents, with a confirmed place at any accredited tertiary training institution in Australia, whose primary course of study is within a performing arts stream. Undergraduate, post-graduate and some vocational diploma courses are all applicable. Students undertaking courses in performance, theatre production, technical theatre, stage management, directing, design and writing are eligible to apply.

First Nations, Culturally and Linguistically Diverse, people with disability or who are d/Deaf are strongly encouraged to apply.

The Mallos Training Grant has no affiliation with any training institution and is intended to support students with relocation and/or living costs while undertaking their studies.

Actors Benevolent Fund of NSW will work in partnership with We The Industry and other industry professionals in selecting recipients. We The Industry will provide additional support to recipients through mentoring services throughout their training.

Tessa and Chrysanthy Mallos

In June 2020, Actors Benevolent Fund of NSW received a bequest from the estate of Chrysanthy Mallos, which had been passed on to fulfill the wishes of her daughter, Tessa Mallos, who had pre-deceased Chrysanthy, leaving her estate to her mother on the proviso that a portion of it be bequeathed to ABFNSW on her passing.

Tessa Mallos was an actor, an early graduate of NIDA, a political figure and arts advocate. Her acting life was grounded in her mother’s support and encouragement, starting with her childhood elocution training and her choosing a NIDA diploma over a university degree. Chrysanthy and Tessa shared a lifelong love of theatre and literature. In the latter part of their lives, as Tessa’s health deteriorated, Tessa sold her unit in nearby Roslyn Gardens and moved into her mother’s unit in Challis Ave, Potts Point. For a decade or so they frequented cinemas, theatres, concerts and bookshops.

During her career, Tessa frequently came up against discrimination due to her ethnicity and so it seems appropriate to use her generosity to assist in increasing representation within the industry by encouraging people from under-represented groups to enter into a course of study.

Actors Benevolent Fund of NSW

The Actors Benevolent Fund of NSW has been providing support to professional performers and arts workers since 1944. Managed by a committee of volunteers, ABFNSW provides help when its needed most through a program of grants to assist those who are unable to work due to illness, infirmity or injury. The Fund is able to provide this assistance due to the many generous donors who support ABFNSW.

We The Industry

We The Industry Inc. is a charitable organisation that works to create greater accessibility to arts education for those aspiring theatre makers from under-represented communities. Made up of a small committee of professional artists, the organisation engages in this important work to improve the state of representation within the Australian theatre industry. We the Industry Inc. is driven by the core belief that ‘if you see it, you can be it’.

Available Grants

Grants will be awarded on an annual basis. Recipients may be provided with support to cover the length of their training, or a one-off amount to support them through one year of study. Grants are available to students commencing a period of study, and to students who are enteringinto 2nd or 3rd year study.

Each year one student entering into the first year of a minimum 3-year course, will be provided with a $40,000 grant, provided at regular intervals throughout the period of study.

Additional one-off grants of between $5,000 and $10,000 will be made available to students partway through their study or undertaking post-graduate study to support them during the year.

Recipients will also be given the chance to work with a We The Industry Mentor throughout their training. Through close consultation with each grant recipient, We The Industry will identify a working arts professional to provide mentorship services in the first year of study. Students can expect to meet with their mentor bi-monthly in this first year, with the hopes of building a relationship that will outlast the program. With a mentor by their side, recipients will have access to an important and current industry perspective that will give context to their training and help equip them for a successful career in the arts


In order to be eligible for this grant applicants must:

1. Be an Australian citizen or permanent resident

2. Be a resident of NSW at the time of application (or will be a resident of NSW throughout the course of their training)

3. Have a confirmed offer of a place at an accredited tertiary training institution (to be provided after notification of shortlisting to the program)

4. Be able to demonstrate how this support would allow them to undertake/continue their study

Recipients of the 3-year grant will only receive payments in Years 2 and 3 if continuing their course of study

Selection Criteria

Recipients will be selected via a personal statement and demonstrated financial need. A selection committee comprised of members of the ABFNSW Management Committee, We The Industry Board, and independent industry advisors will make the final selection.

When Should I Apply?

Applications are now open and close on 12 January 2024.

Existing students may apply at any time with confirmation of the continuance of their study.

New students should apply when they have reached the second round of your application process. If shortlisted you will be asked to provide confirmation of an offer of a place in your selected course.

The outcome of your application will be provided within 4 weeks of the closing date of applications.

If you have any queries please email Mallos-admin@actorsbenevolentfund.org.au for more information.