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Through compassionate and confidential support, we help entertainment professionals throughout NSW maintain their health, dignity and ability to work. 

About ABF

The world of entertainment is a precarious profession that often leaves artists and arts workers in difficult circumstances. Since 1944 the Actors Benevolent Fund has been providing a safety net for actors and entertainment professionals both past and present and of all ages, giving critical financial help at their greatest time of need.

Administered by a Management Committee of volunteers primarily from the entertainment industry, the ABF is a registered charity that assists artists and technicians when they are at their most vulnerable. 

A strict code of confidentiality applies to all requests for assistance.

We rely on the generosity of donors to enable our essential work to continue. 

All donations over $2.00 made through this website are fully tax deductible

Follow the link to get a copy of our constitution

Open Constitution

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Simon Burke AO

“The ABF: its past, its present and its future, never fails to make my heart swell. To me it represents the very best of our industry - our own looking after our own, a recognition that the career we have all chosen can take its toll at the most unexpected times, but that when times are really tough, fellow performers are there to help.”