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Sponsors & Supporters

The Actors Benevolent Fund is grateful to receive the support of our friends, colleagues and key industry organisations. Without their generosity we could not provide the level of assistance we give to those who need our help.




ABF MEMBERS and Friends

Members and Friends are an integral part of the ABF family of supporters. Both get a whole set of benefits. ABF members hold voting rights. They need to be nominated by another ABF member and voted in by the Committee. 

MEMBERS OF THE ABF NSW - as of February 2020

Anthony Phelan
Benita Collings
Bevan Wilson
Bill Young
Bruce Spence
Bruce Venables
Camilla Ah Kin
Camilla Rountree
Cecily Polson
Doug Scroope
Fiona Press
Geraldine Turner
Glenn Hazeldine
Jacob Allan
Jamie Oxenbould
John Gregg
John O'Hare
Judy Nunn
Laura Gabriel
Liz Alexander
Lorna Lesley
Louise Howitt
Lyn Shakespeare
Lynne Poeteous
Mercia Dean-Johns
Meredith O'Reilly
Merran Doyle/Regan
Michael Huxley
Noel Hodda
Pat Scroope
Peter Rowley
Sandra Eldridge
Sean Clarke
Valerie Bader
Victoria Wildie
Vola Van Dere
William Zappa
Peter Carroll
Annie Byron
Andrew Cutcliffe


Camilla Rountree
Jamie Oxenbould
Maruschka Loupis
Robert Ward
Roy Billing
Bevan Wilson
Priscilla Guest
Pat Scroop
Louise Howitt
Lorna Lesley
Linda Newton
Kenneth Moraleda
Valerie Downer
John Downie
James Charles
Robyn Clarke
Dianne Monson
Robyn Clarke
Dianne Monson
Leigh Morgan
Mark Kilmurray
Sophie Swancott
Daniel Mitchell
Louise Taggart

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Heather Mitchell AM

"The Actors Benevolent Fund is a unique and essential service in our Acting community. Without the foresight of its volunteers and generous donators, actors in need would be facing even more challenging difficulties than they already experience. Many years ago I was a recipient of the Benevolent Fund at a time when I was in need, and I cannot thank the organisation enough for their unstinting generosity and confidentiality. I wholeheartedly support the ABF"