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Supporting Mental Health in Theatre

We all know the conditions that come with working in theatre can be precarious and stressful, sometimes resulting in mental health problems; and we can be ill-equipped, financially and otherwise, to manage.

A 2015 report by Victoria University identified performing arts workers as experiencing symptoms of anxiety ten times higher than the general population, and depression symptoms are five times higher.  We understand how tough it can be – you are not alone.

The STA Fund was established to offer financial support to theatre workers: actors, creatives and technicians, to assist with the costs of professional help when it's needed.

If you need financial help to get you through a dark period you can APPLY ONLINE through our general grants program application form.


If you need to speak with somebody now - Help is available

For mental health advice and support, the SUPPORT ACT Wellbeing Helpline is available 24/7 by calling 1800 959 500

“Life as a theatre worker can be insecure and demanding, both physically and mentally, so we all need someone to talk to or the help of a specialist occasionally. I’m thrilled that the Sydney Theatre Awards and the Actors Benevolent Fund have seen the need to provide this assistance for anyone working in theatre, and I have no doubt it will help a lot of people cope with the stresses of our lives.”

Nancye Hayes AM

 The STA fund is a shared initiative between The Sydney Theatre Awards and ABF.

Thank you to our foundation sponsor John Frost AM and the Gordon Frost Organisation

Make a Donation

You can make a donation to the STA Fund and give financial support to theatre workers: actors, creatives and technicians, seeking professional help.