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 We are committed to ensuring that our colleagues can live with dignity and maintain their ability to work and enjoy life. The ABF offers support to entertainment professionals both young and old who, through illness, accident, disability or in times of desperate hardship, require financial or other forms of assistance.

Help is offered in various ways – financial, practical and advisory. Beneficiaries may receive one-off or monthly grants or interest-free loans. Alternatively, medical or dental expenses and pharmaceutical bills may be fully or partially met by the Fund (paid directly to the provider), or essential items purchased on their behalf. In some cases, there may also be provisions for the care of children or other dependants of those in need.

A bond of confidentiality exists within the Fund. The identities of recipients are never disclosed.

You can apply online for assistance or you may speak directly to a Committee member by forwarding us your contact details via email or by leaving your name and number on our voicemail (02 9333 0915).

We will contact you as soon as possible.

There is a comprehensive list of organisations offering help in many ways under OTHER ASSISTANCE.

If you would like to apply for assistance please apply online OR download and fill out the Application For Assistance Form and either post to us at:

Actors Benevolent Fund of NSW
245 Chalmers Street
Redfern NSW 2016

...or email to info@actorsbenevolentfund.org.au

Tony Barry

"Having been one of those fortunate actors who has managed to make a living of various degrees from acting, I led myself to believe that I was capable and self-sufficient, until I wasn’t. Fourteen years ago I was diagnosed with Melanoma, underwent surgery, rehab, the whole nine yards. The Actors Benevolent Fund were on my doorstep right from the get go. I may have survived ( I am still battling remaining Melanomas ), but I wouldn’t have been able to survive without the dignity which was respectfully afforded by the Actors Benevolent Fund. I urge you to support your Fund, it may be to your benefit one day. I write this with Gratitude and Respect." - Tony Barry.

Note: All support given by and communication with the ABF is strictly confidential. Tony chose to make his situation public to help raise awareness of the work of the ABF and we thank him for his generosity and openness.