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Above (left to right): Camilla Rountree - Secretary, Bruce Spence - Chair, Sean Clarke, Vanessa Downing and Kenneth Moraleda Committee Members. 


Once again our annual fundraising drive ACTober is underway with ABF collectors in theatre foyers across Sydney and in every capital city in Australia.

ACTober is now in its 5th year and we are delighted to say it is being generously supported by donations from our Sydney audiences.

In past years you may have heard one of the cast of a theatre production make an appeal for donations during the curtain call and seen our bucketeers in the foyer collecting donations in our ABF white buckets. You may have already been a donor in the past weeks and if so we thank you for supporting our many artists in these times of financial challenge.

ACTober is the biggest fundraising event of the year for ABF and is a major source of the money we give to the members of the performing arts community in their times of need. ABF receives no government support and we rely entirely on donations to continue our work in providing essential assistance to our performing arts community. We recently extended our support to the members of the film industry, greatly expanding the number entertainment industry workers we assist so it is imperative that we raise more funds.

While it may appear that things are back to normal in the entertainment world it is far from the reality. Ours is a gig economy and our artists and creatives exist on a job to job basis. This year those jobs are fewer and further between. With inflation causing massive increases in rents, mortgages and cost of living just when many are struggling to get back on their feet after years of industry shut down during the pandemic, our help has become essential to ensure they can put food on the table and keep a roof overhead.

So if you are in a theatre between now and the end of the month and you hear an appeal for donations from a cast member please dig deep as the artists who create the live theatre, dance, musicals, film and television programs you love, need your help.

Because we are now in a digital age our collectors can also take credit card donations if, as with so many people these days, you no longer carry cash.

There is also an ACTober web site where you can donate to support the Actors Benevolent Fund in NSW or in the state of your choice by clicking on the state on the map.


Actors Benevolent Fund of NSW is run by a volunteer committee so you can be assured that the donation you make will go to the artists, creatives, technicians and theatre and film workers who need us to stand by them in tough times.

21 October 2023
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