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An American In Paris Supports ABF

Above (left to right): Camilla Rountree - Secretary, Bruce Spence - Chair, Sean Clarke, Vanessa Downing and Kenneth Moraleda Committee Members. 

An American In Paris supports ABF

Thank you to the wonderful company of An American in Paris and smooth talking David Whitney who gave the compelling curtain speech appealing for donations to Actors Benevolent Fund. Over two Saturdays and four performances audience members dug deep into their pockets to fill our buckets. The result was a whopping $16,500 in donations and it wasn’t just limited to cash. Patrons could scan or tap and many took that option as ABF embraced the post Covid digital world. As the delighted audience members left the theatre they sent congratulations to the cast on a fabulous show and backed it with support for the live theatre artists that they have missed over the two years of lockdowns and theatre closures.

A huge thank you to GWB for making the fundraising possible and to the wonderful front of house team at Theatre Royal for their help. And if you have a chance over the next week to see An American in Paris before it leaves town, grab it. This is a first class show.

28 June 2022
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