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Covid-19 Emergency Fund Donations

The Covid-19 Emergency Assistance Fund was launched in partnership with Seaborn, Broughton & Walford Foundation and seeded with their generous donation. 
Over the following weeks we have received such welcome support from so many donors that we want to acknowledge their generosity.

Thank you to Ros Horin and Joe Skrzynski’s Sky Foundation, The Girgensohn Foundation, Jan Sundell and in a gesture of industry solidarity, Sydney Theatre Company encouraged donations from their subscriber base. We have also been supported by a special grant from City of Sydney and several substantial donations from anonymous identities. 

Over the past years our industry colleagues have worked tirelessly to collect donations from audiences through post show bucket collections during ACTober and at events such as our Cause Celeb Picnic Cabarets and Sydney Theatre Awards. Now it is time for us to give those funds back so our artists can come through this crisis safe and well. 

It is the spirit of collegiality that makes the world of show business and the people who create within it so very special. In the 75 years that ABF has been serving the performing arts, we have never seen artists and arts companies in such a fragile state. Nor have we been aware of so many needing our help.

A return to sitting in theatres is still a very long way off, as is the return to film and TV production and arts festivals. Actors Benevolent Fund is committed to be there to support the needs of our creative arts colleagues for the duration of this difficult time and beyond. 

Thank you everyone who has donated and please, keep the donations coming. We want to continue to provide help when it's needed most - and that time is now.  


22 April 2020
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