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30 November 1926 – 16 January 2018


Moya O'Sullivan was a versatile actor indeed!  I believe she commenced her career working in radio - and legend has it she appeared rather suddenly 'on the scene' - playing a lead in an ABC Drama and was wonderful. She was in a very popular comedy series "Life with Dexter" playing Willie Fennell's wife.

There was a long career in the Advertising world doing voiceovers - where her skill quickly put her at the top of the list.  I first met Moya in 1961 at the Independent - she played "Sylvia" in "The Women" and had a huge success with the role - it's a cracker of a part and Moy grabbed it with both hands!  I was an ASM (as well as playing a role) so was able to watch her every night - what a lesson!  And I was lucky enough to be ASM on "A Period of Adjustment" by Tennessee Williams - Moy played a rather 'mousey' role - so different to "Sylvia"!  It was about this time she got her driver's license and told me that she'd had trouble working out how to get to the Independent - because she could only turn left (!)  she found turning "right" too scary!  She lived somewhere like Double Bay so I can only image how she worked that one out!!!  

We shared 'digs' in London where she worked in Television as well as Stage, she got a good role in the West End in a play starring Ronnie Fraser (the UK actor) Suzannah York, Moy played Annette Crosbie's 'mother' - only one scene but she made it a highlight - she returned to Australia shortly after and continued her career - voicing ads, doing a few plays, television, including a good long run in "Neighbours".

Moy also spent many years on the Board of the "Actors' Benevolent Fund" -our Charity that she was always passionately supporting.  She was great to work with - down to earth and yet firm in her belief of the respect acting should be given - I shall miss her - the talent, the laughs and our friendship which lasted for so long - she was one of the best!  

Maggie Dence - MEAA member since 1962