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COVID-19 Accomodation Relief Program

Please note: Applicants are required to be NSW residents. Other States have their own Benevolent Funds, or similar. Details can be found below. If you do not meet these criteria you can apply for support using the Emergency COVID-19 Assistance Form.


All information provided in your application is strictly confidential.


This grant provides rental and mortgage payment assistance of $500.00 per month over 3 months covering the period October – December 2020. This grant is intended to provide assistance to actors and theatre professionals unable to access JobKeeper.


To be eligible for this grant program:
  • You are a current resident of NSW with a minimum of 2 years permanent residence
  • You have worked professionally in theatre, film or television for a minimum of 5 years, with at least 2 years of professional work in Australia
  • You are currently unemployed, or working 20 hours or less per week
  • You are not eligible for JobKeeper
  • Your personal rental expense is $200.00 per week or more
  • If living with a partner, your partner contributes 50% or less of your combined weekly rental payments
  • You can demonstrate you have savings of $5,000.00 or less

Recipients are required to inform the ABF of any changes affecting their income. Further, recipients may have the terms of their grant reviewed at the discretion of the Committee. Recipients will be required to provide monthly reports confirming their situation has not altered, and that funds have been used for rental payments only. Where possible ABFNSW will pay direct to landlords or estate agents.

This program is limited to a maximum of 65 recipients and is offered on a one time only basis. Only one application per household will be accepted. We regret we may not be able to approve every application.


1. Name, Telephone Number and Email of a support person or someone close to you.

2. Copies of the following documents scanned into ONE document:

  • Current rental agreement or proof of mortgage repayment requirement
  • Proof of address demonstrating NSW residency for at least 2 years (may be from a previous address), eg. Utility bill or rental agreement
  • Professional biography/CV
  • Evidence demonstrating level of Government benefits or lack thereof, eg. Rejection letter, residential visa status
  • Copy of recent bank statement demonstrating level of savings

You will be prompted to upload this document on the online form

WE will be accepting applications UNTIL 1 OCTOBER 2020